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Cuticle Oil: The Secret to Natural Nail Growth

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Your nails go through a lot every day. From clicking your nails on a keyboard to washing dishes and being out in the elements, your daily habits can cause your nails to dry out and become brittle. Incorporating a healthy nails treatment into your daily routine is the best way to protect your nails from drying out.


Organic cuticle oil is a win-win. It nourishes your cuticles to keep your nails hydrated and helps to promote natural nail growth. If your cuticles have become damaged or starting to feel dry and cracked, it’s time to start using organic cuticle oil as a healthy nails treatment.  


A roll-on cuticle oil is the perfect way to treat your nails on the go. For the best results, you want to apply cuticle oil three times a day or any time you notice your nails becoming dry. Our unscented cuticle oil is made in the USA and repairs, hardens, and strengthens your nail for natural growth.


organic cuticle oil benefits

The Benefits of Organic Cuticle Oil

Cuticle oil is a healthy nails treatment you can apply every day, before a manicure, or on the go. There are four main benefits of using an organic cuticle oil that help improve the overall look of your nails. The secret to your dream manicure is a nourishing cuticle oil.


·       Strengthens Your Nails

Your nails need to be healthy to grow. That’s where an organic cuticle oil comes in. It keeps your nails hydrated to prevent breakage and hangnails. Weak nails can become damaged when exposed to extreme weather, including the sun, or when in contact with chemicals, such as cleaning products or chlorinated pools. If you’re a swimmer, you’ll want to add a travel cuticle oil to your pool bag.


·       Hydrates Your Nails

An organic cuticle oil is like giving your nails a glass of water. Our 3-oil base is organic and packed with fatty acids and nutrients, including jojoba oil, rose hip oil, and coconut oil. These cold-pressed oils hydrate your nails to protect them against daily wear.


·       Stimulates Nail Growth

If you’re dreaming of long, healthy nails, it’s time to invest in an organic cuticle oil. This healthy nails treatment works to repair nails and prevent further damage, while increasing circulation to improve growth. Applying cuticle oil will help you to stop biting or picking at your nails.


nail shine

·       Adds a Natural Shine

When you get a professional manicure, your nail tech will always apply cuticle oil – and it’s not just for its hydrating benefits. An organic cuticle oil protects your nail polish from chipping and enhances its natural shine.


How to Use Organic Cuticle Oil

All you need is a few drops of cuticle oil. Our roll-on cuticle oil comes with a travel case, making it perfect for taking on the go. Add it as a bag charm or attach it to your keys to use throughout the day for maximum nail growth.


Roll the organic cuticle oil across your nails and use your finger to gently massage it into the cuticle. Massaging the oil helps improve the circulation of your nails and ensures it fully absorbs. If you have damaged or brittle nails, apply our organic cuticle oil three times a day for the best results. Alternatively, use your cuticle oil before bed for overnight hydration.


Grow your nails naturally by shopping our organic cuticle oil, made with only natural ingredients and available in an array of scents.

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