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  • Are your products natural and organic?
    Almost all of our products are natural and most are USDA organic. Currently we only have 2 soap bars and 1 cologne which has fragrance, all others use essential oils for scent. All creams, colognes (except 1 cologne), perfumes, aromatherapies, and cuticle oils are fragrance free and scented by essential oils and much of the time they are USDA organic. Only 1 reed diffuser has fragrance, all others use pure essential oils. All other ingredients are natural and/or organic. We encourage you to read our ingredients as we proud of them with nothing to hide. You'll soon see why we are the better choice.
  • How do you compare to the name brands?
    This is actually the main reason why we started Aparascent. At our day spa we noticed that almost all of the high end name brand products we were buying like SK2 and others for facials and massages were using parabens, sulfates and other other known harmful ingredients. When we turned to organics the prices were still too high. We knew we could gather our own natural and organic ingredients and create our own products for our clients, our staff and even ourselves and save. Why should a product that costs hundreds of dollars for a few ounces have so many non-natural and non-organic ingredients? The answer is it really doesn't have to.
  • Why do you recommend using reed diffusers in small spaces only?
    We have tested many, many brands and our own products with both natural and artificial scents and have repeatedly found that reed diffusers are truly made for smaller spaces. In good conscience, we can not sell you an item that is not a good fit for a specific use. You need the right tool for the job. Candles and wax cubes are great for large spaces, reed diffusers are perfect for small spaces and they last for months. We strongly encourage you to read our detailed article on it here.
  • Does this company harm or do testing on animals?
    We do not harm or test on animals. We are actually PETA cruelty free certified as is any and all of our suppliers.
  • Your company uses palm oil in its products, isn't this bad for the planet?
    Clear cutting forests and underpaying farmers and people wages is not fair nor right. We are partnered with Palm Done Right who is a well known protector of the environment and people around the world. Our suppliers are certified. Anyone who partners with Palm Done Right buys from farms that are 1.) 100% Organic, 2.) Fully Traceable, 3.) Deforestation Free, 4.) Wildlife Friendly, 5.) Fair and Social, among other things. This is directly important to us personally as well since half of our family comes from and still lives in Thailand and SE Asia. We know what poaching and deforestation means, we've seen it ourselves first hand in the rare exotic animals, birds, plants and trees trade. We love our plants and animals. For more information on Palm Done Right, click here.
  • Will your products give me allergies?
    Most of our products are natural and organic, however it's possible that someone may have allergies to natural or even organic things. If you are prone to skin irritations and allergies we recommend testing the product on a small spot on your skin first before using liberally. If you are hypersensitive then we would suggest consulting a medical doctor first be fore use.
  • Is this a Christian organization?
    You caught us! We are indeed followers of Christ. In a world where it's not popular to state that anymore, we hold the line and are unashamed our Lord Jesus Christ. However, we understand there is a fine line between our faith and business. Admittedly that line can be somewhat blurry at times; where business begins and ends in regards to being a Christian can be tricky. A case in point might be Chick-fil-A, they are a Christian organization and draw people from all walks of life but still have a certain theme. Our day spa is often called the Chick-fil-A of day spas and salons by others because we stand out as different than the norm, people often state they felt like home and uplifted while visiting. We employee people from various beliefs and background such as Buddism. We try our best to be examples to others but are not perfect by any means. We hold honor and truth in the highest regard, it's not just a catch phrase but who we really are. Occasionally you may hear us talk about this subject on YouTube or Instagram channel.
  • If you guys are Christian why do you promote Health and Beauty products?
    It's no secret that everyone, including Christians', use health, beauty and hygiene products everyday. We all use soap, many of us use lotions, perfumes and cologne as well. 95% of our products are natural and many are USDA organic. We believe we are providing value to the public and Christians alike. We also believe it is possible to go too far with our liberty in any direction, this is why we have personal and business lines that we do not cross. Occasionally we do introduce products with a Christian theme because, well, we Love The Bible. However, we also have themes such as patterns and cultures which are not Christian related at all. If you're not Christian we still love and care about you and wish you well. Our products are meant for everyone.
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