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  • Are your products natural and organic?
    All of our cuticle oils are USDA Organic, meaning they all are at least 95% USDA organic certified as required by the USDA, some of our cuticle oils are 100% USDA organic. A few of our cuticle oils contain 2% fragrance but are still at least 95% USDA organic. Half of our cuticle oils use natural fragrance. What are natural fragrance oils? Natural fragrance oils are made from aromatic isolates which are scent compounds that come from plants. We encourage you to view our labels and read our ingredients list on each product as we are very proud of them, with nothing to hide. You'll soon see why we are the best choice in nail and cuticle care. USDA Organic Certified, CERTIFICATE NUMBER: ONE-1750-221230-H-NOP
  • How do you compare to the name brands?
    This is actually the main reason why we started Aparascent. At our day spa we noticed that almost all of the high end brand products we were using like SK2, CND and others for facials, massages and nail care were using parabens, sulfates or other known harmful or cheap ingredients. This discovery pushed us into taking things into our own hands and eventually led to our current product line. There are few truly natural and organic nail cuticle oils on the market today and almost none that are designed in our travel easy style. In addition, our cuticle oils are hand made and hand crafted from our families and not from a giant factory, this means we are limited in the volume we can produce but it also means we can pay closer attention to detail.
  • Why don’t we use apricot oil in our base when so many others use it?
    Apricot oil is a great moisturizer with many benefits but from our experience the shelf life of apricot oil is about half of other more versatile and equality natural beneficial oils. The time clock on oils begin when they first hit the air and continue to come in contact with the air (this is why we also believe roller balls are better than brushes or droppers). Even before apricot oil goes bad it will begin to affect the smell of the overall cuticle oil, perfume or essential oil. This can be prevented by adding in artificial preservatives but we are trying to be as natural as possible when we can. We love apricot oil but it’s just not for us.
  • Everyone says coconut oil is comedogenic (pore clogging), is it?
    Yes, pure coconut oil can be comedogenic (pore clogging), however, pure MCT is NOT comedogenic (pore clogging). Pure MCT oil is 100% Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) and are pulled from coconut oil through a natural fractionation process. Pure coconut oil contains only 15% to 54% MCT’s. Pure MCT oil, on the other hand, contains 50 to 80% caprylic acid and 20 to 50% caproic acid and small amounts of lauric acid (caprylic & caproic absorb in the skin quite quickly) while pure coconut oil contains many other medium and long chain fatty acids that may clog pores on some skin types. Another interesting fact is that pure MCT oil stays liquid at room temperature, coconut oil does not.
  • I heard glass droppers are the best for sanitary reasons, is this true?
    Yes, glass droppers are the best if you’re visiting a nail salon frequently. Think about all the other people that brush or spatula has come in contact with and gone back into the bottle. Look for a nail salon that uses glass droppers. You don’t want the brush, spatula or roller ball to come in contact with your skin if another person you don’t know has used it. However, using a brush, spatula or rollerball in your own personal bottle and not sharing is completely fine. We firmly believe roller ball cuticle oils are best for personal use because the air is locked inside the bottle, allowing the oils to smell fresher and last longer. Plus, of course rollerballs are THE best for on-the-go!
  • Where does your Vitamin E come from?
    Our natural Vitamin E comes from our Jojoba oil and Rosehip oil, there is no synthetic Vitamin E oil added. Not only that, Rosehip oil is by far one of THE most powerful base oils there are as it contains very high levels of Vitamin A, C, E, and B, as well as antioxidants, minerals and fatty acids.
  • Why Coconut MCT Oil?
    Coconut MCT oil is a perfect base to build from. MCT is a lightweight moisturizer that doesn’t leave you feeling greasy or oily. It absorbs quickly and does not clog pores. This is very important when you want to use it on your temples as an aromatherapy or on your wrists or neck as a pleasing aroma. MCT also contains small amounts of lauric acid which has a very long shelf life and has been shown to have many skin benefits. Organic MCT is a wonderful base oil especially when you combine it with the benefits of jojoba and rosehip oil. Our coconut oil comes from responsibly sustainable and renewable sources.
  • Why isn’t your cuticle oil in an amber bottle?
    Amber bottles are good protectors of oils (black is best), however most of our bottle is protected by our crowd-pleasing silicone sleeve which not only helps protects most of the bottle from the sun but also helps protect against accidental drops and falls. Chances are you’ll be using up your cuticle oil (with-in 1 to 2 years) long before the sun affects your oil. Besides, don’t you love seeing those cute little flowers!
  • How do I use a roll on cuticle oil?
    Cuticle oil roller ball bottles are actually easier to apply because of its control. Roll-ons initially go on light, if you desire more simply continue to roll. In addition, if you’re using as a body scent, traditional sprays can douse us in too much overpowering fragrance, roll-ons are meant to be more personal and not meant to announce to everyone that you’ve entered the room. When initially applying for first time, hold bottle at horizontal angle or upside-down and take your thumb and roll ball until oil begins to gently flow. Likewise, you can also hold the bottle at an angle and roll on forearm until oil begins to flow.
  • Why don’t you use seed oils?
    There are many medical journal studies on the effects of seed oils taken internally and although this an external product we would rather do our best to stay away from seed oils all-together.
  • Does this company harm or do testing on animals?
    We do not harm or test on animals. We are actually PETA cruelty free certified as is any and all of our suppliers.
  • Your company uses MCT coconut oil in its products, is this sustainable?
    Clear cutting forests and underpaying farmers and people is not fair nor right. Our coconut suppliers are fair trade certified. Furthermore our coconut oil follows these rules: 1.) 100% Organic, 2.) Fully Traceable, 3.) Deforestation Free, 4.) Wildlife Friendly, 5.) Fair and Social. This is directly important to us personally as well since half of our family comes from and still lives in Thailand and SE Asia. We know what poaching and deforestation means, we've seen it ourselves first hand in the rare exotic animals, birds, plants and trees trade. We love our plants and animals.
  • Will your products give me allergies?
    Our products are natural and organic, however it's possible that someone may have allergies to natural or even organic things. If you are prone to skin irritations and allergies we recommend testing the product on a small spot on your skin before using liberally. If you are hypersensitive then we would suggest consulting a medical doctor first before use.
  • Where are your products made?
    Right here in the USA. They are handcrafted and handmade in San Antonio, TX. We are a Thai-American family and would like to one day shift some operations over to Thailand but for now we are still 100% made in USA. Please know that many of base oils and essential oils come from other countries as the U.S. is not able to produce all the various tropical plants that are required to make our cuticle oils.
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