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Gourmand - Morning Blossoms In My Coffee Cuticle Oil

Scent Profile: marshmallow smores, coffee, caramel, chocolate milk, bourbon, cherry, cream vanilla, florals.

Rose Ascent Cuticle Oil

Scent Profile: honey ambrosial, earthy green, almond, jasmine, saffron, brown sugar, rose bouquet, citrus, spicy wood

Heaven & Earthy

Cuticle Oil

Scent Profile: sandalwood, earthy moss, musk, amber, vanilla, orchid, lotus, citrus flowers, spring water.

Gourmand - Royal Queen Nectar Cuticle Oil

Scent Profile: amber, musk, fresh tropical flowers, spicy currant, lotus, orange blossoms, nectarine, vanilla, fresh rice, honey, coconut

Nail strengthener and growth
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