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USDA Organic Cuticle Oil Fungus Solution Roll-On

USDA Organic Cuticle Oil Fungus Solution Roll-On


This cuticle oil roll-on fungus solution was developed as an aid in the fight against nail fungus. We believe a natural approach should also be an option for fighting fungus and not just a harsh over-the-counter ani-fungal acid. There have been various studies showing that certain essential oils, essentially clove oil, are more effective than some other types of treatments and chemicals at killing or keeping fugus away. A study by the NIH (National Library of Medicine), which is involved in biotechnology research, showed that clove essential oil was actually more effective at killing and keeping fungus away than even bleach, especially over longer periods of time. See the results of the study here. Why not give natural a try. 


All organic essential oils blend known to help combat fungus: clove bud, tea tree, peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender, oregano.


We specifically created this cuticle oil as an easy to carry hydrating repair solution for anyone on the go. At 10ml it fits in the palm of your hand, is the perfect size for traveling, vacationing and taking with you to work.


The roll-on feature allows you to easily apply without worrying about spilling vs a brush application. The roll-on feature and tight closing cap make it perfect for keeping in your purse or bag.


We insisted on an all-organic oil base of coconut MCT oil, jojoba oil and rosehip oil. Most manufactures only provide non-organic jojoba. Our 3-oil base is organic and provides fatty acids and key nutrients your cuticles need for healthy nails. Organic cold pressed jojoba has tocopherols which is natural Vit E. Tocopherols are natural anti-oxidants but highly unstable if not extracted correctly from the plant, this is why ours is cold pressed. Jojoba also prevents water loss extremely well which makes it key for dry skin. Rose hip oil contains Vit A and is great for repair and glowing skin. Coconut MCT oil is a very well know hydrant and is a well-rounded base oil.


Why use cuticle oil? Think of cuticle oil as moisturizer on your skin, it locks in hydration and is essentially important for those with dry, jagged cuticles or those who frequently have hang nails. In addition, hydration and repair at our cuticles is critical for beautiful, healthy strong nails that are resistant to chips and breakage. Feed your nails the best at the roots, at the cuticle.


USDA Organic Certified, CERTIFICATE NUMBER: ONE-1750-221230-H-NOP


PETA Certified Cruelty-Free, look us up on PETA! We are the real deal. 


Be sure and read more on natural treatments here


Always consult a professional medical doctor when trying any new treatment. If you’re are concerned that your fungus is not responding to any type of treatment then seek out medical attention as soon as possible.


This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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    Kurauni - Lilly Of The Valley

    “What's impressive is that there's still plenty left in the bottle, despite how it seems like I've been using it quite a bit. A little of this oil goes a long way."

    LBG - Lilly Of The Valley

    Convenient Conditioning on the Go!... I find that it is much less greasy than a lotion or cream, the oil rolls on to where I put it and absorbs quickly.”

    T. H. - Chamomile Nerloi

    "The combination of oils is indeed very hydrating, and absorbs quickly into the skin with no residue. I love how the little flowers look inside the oil bottle! real cute. Your hands and nails will certainly appreciate the gift."

    Amazon Testimonials

    Neddy - Vanilla Almond

    “Like the way it smells, works well, & has my cuticle looking great after DIY gel manicure.”

    AB - Tropical Eucalyptus

    “This cuticle oil is good so far! Very easy to apply without any mess when using the roller ball.”
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