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Blue Nails are the Manicure of Summer 2024

blue nails for summer

Summer is practically here. I’s time to start working on your beach-ready manicure. Pinterest predicts that blue nails are the biggest nail trend for summer 2024 with searches up over 260% of the platform. It’s no surprise that the blue nail trend is still going strong. There is a spectrum of shades to choose from, with dozens of ways to incorporate blue or aquamarine into your manicure. This tranquil shade is the perfect dose of calmness to your day.


Although you might think of blue as a spring color, there’s a blue manicure for every season. The secret to getting perfect blue nails for summer is to use a roll-on cuticle oil to maintain its shine and the vibrancy of the color. Using a cuticle oil roller ball before applying your nail polish helps to hydrate, strengthen, and repair your nails to improve the lifespan of your manicure.


We’re sharing the different ways you can add blue and aquamarine to your summer manicure and how to get the best results from your blue nail polish.

blueberry milk nails

How to Incorporate Blue into Your Manicure

Summer 2024 isn’t the first time that blue nails have been trending. Last year, ‘blueberry milk’ nails were all over TikTok and Instagram as the hot-girl manicure. Blue nails are popular because there’s a shade to suit every skin tone, complexion, and aesthetic. Whether you’re having your nails done before vacation or doing them at home, we’re sharing 4 ways to get the most out of the blue nail trend.


1.      French Tips

Give the classic French manicure an update by swapping out white French tips for a blue hue. It’s the perfect way to give this nail trend a contemporary twist. Adding blue to your French manicure creates a cooler look. Choose from pastel shades for a softer look or make a statement with cobalt blue.


2.    Almond-Shaped Nails

While blue polish works for all nail shapes, almond-shaped nails are more elongated, giving you space to experiment with your polish. Choose an opaque blue shade and apply at least two coats for an intense look. You’ll want to shape them with a soft file and apply a roll-on cuticle oil for nails before starting with a base coat.

cool tone blue nails

3.    Short, Cool-Tone Blue Nails

If you’re a fan of shorter nails, choose a cool-tone blue for a bold statement. Groomed nails that are well-kept look stylish and sophisticated. A roll-on cuticle oil will give your nails a natural shine to enhance the look of your manicure.


4.    Use a Roll-On Cuticle Oil

A roll-on cuticle oil for nails gives you the best results for a blue manicure. Using a cuticle oil roller ball protects your nails against the elements and improves their overall health and appearance. Applying cuticle oil before polish strengthens your manicure and creates a lasting shine.


It adds an extra protective barrier to your nails, preventing chipping or cracking to get the most out of your blue nail manicure.


Jump on the hottest nail trend of the summer by using a roll-on cuticle oil to strengthen, repair, and protect your nails. Shop our range of natural cuticle oils, perfect for packing for your next vacation or clipping onto your purse.

aquamarine nails

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