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Gourmand Beauty Products to Add to Your Everyday Routine

gourmand cuticle oil

Do you ever smell a product that seems good enough to eat? Chances are it has a gourmand scent. These mouth-watering aromas have addictive notes that we’re naturally attracted to. Gourmand beauty products contain scent notes like caramel, chocolate, coffee, honey, and vanilla. If it sounds good enough to eat, it’s probably a gourmand scent.


While we often think of perfume, you can amplify a scent by using other products with similar notes. If you want to smell like honey and vanilla, using a radiant nail growth oil with the same notes will enhance the effect of your perfume.


Gourmand beauty products often incorporate other notes to balance out these sweeter scents, including floral and musky notes. We’re talking about the rise of gourmand scent products and three items you can add to your daily routine.


chocolate gourmand perfume

The Rise of Gourmand-Scented Products


TikTok is the driving force behind almost every beauty trend in 2024. It’s no surprise that TikTok is one of the reasons why we’re falling back in love with all things gourmand scented. Viral perfumes like Maison Francis Kurkdjjan’s Baccarat Rouge 540 have led to the #gourmandperfume hashtag on TikTok gaining millions of views.


The popularity of gourmand scented products comes from the fact they have a comforting scent with rich notes. Although it’s millennials and Gen Z driving the popularity of gourmand, it has a universal appeal.


The Best Gourmand Products to Use Everyday

You can maximize the aroma of your gourmand products by using them together to improve their longevity. We’re sharing three of the best gourmand-scented products you can add to your everyday routine.


1.     Gourmand Cuticle Moisturizer Oil 

The secret to healthy nails is cuticle hydration. The easiest way to repair, protect, and strengthen your nails is by using a radiant nail growth oil. Our all-natural cuticle oil is packed full of nourishing ingredients that hydrate your nails to promote growth and enhance their natural shine.


Apply at least once a day to maintain long-term results, and reapply with our travel-friendly mini cuticle oil. Our gourmand cuticle oil is packed full of notes of amber, coconut, orange blossom, and vanilla.


2.    Gourmand Scented Perfume

Perfume remains the best-selling gourmand scent product, with almost every brand coming out with a new perfume to meet growing demand. One of the most popular perfumes is the Kayali Yum Pistachio Gelato Intense. It’s a sweet fragrance that feels like a sugar rush with notes of rum, hazelnut, and pistachio, drying down to a scent similar to cotton candy and marshmallows. If you want a perfume that feels like a warm hug, shop around for a gourmand scented perfume.


3.    Body Oil with Gourmand Notes

Don’t forget about your hands when you’re thinking about cuticle hydration. Using a body oil is a great way to hydrate your skin after a shower and to lock in moisture, including for your hands. Body oils can help boost the scent of your perfume, with plenty of gourmand scented body oils hitting the market.


The ‘Le Monde Gourmand Crème Vanille’ body oil is available on Amazon. You can pick it up while buying our radiant nail growth oil.


Summer is the perfect time to start experimenting with gourmand scented beauty products and work on your nail health. Shop our range of cuticle hydration oils, available in an array of all-natural scents.


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flower coffee gourmand cuticle oil


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