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5 Ways to Grow Your Nails Longer and Stronger

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Your manicure is only as good as your nails. Every day we put our nails through the ringer, from opening parcels to washing dishes and touching different surfaces. Everything from your diet to the climate can impact your nails and make them soft and brittle.


Don’t give up on your dreams of long, healthy nails. If you’ve been looking at the latest nail trends for summer 2024, you’ll know it’s all about focusing on healthy nail growth. You can grow nails fast and strong with a daily nail care routine and using products like a nail strengthener and growth serum.


Hydrated nails are the secret to achieving the perfect manicure. Our nail strengthening oil is packed full of natural, hydrating ingredients that repair and protect your nails to restore their natural shine.  


We’re sharing five steps you can take to grow nails fast and strong to achieve your perfect manicure.

organic cuticle oil

1.      Use an Organic Cuticle Oil

Our organic cuticle oil is the perfect choice for a nail growth and strength serum. We use a 3-oil base, packed full of fatty acids and hydrating nutrients that harden your nails to prevent damage. Think of it as a daily moisturizer for your skin, helping you achieve strong, chip-resistant, and healthy nails.


Using a cuticle oil hydrates your nails and protects them against the elements to prevent further damage. Our mini cuticle oil is an ideal size for taking on the go to touch-up your nails throughout the day.


2.    Use a ‘Soft’ Nail File

While glass nail files are all over our TikTok feed, they’re not all they’re made up to be. Although they’re long-wearing, a soft nail file is a better option for damaged nails as it prevents splitting and tearing.


You can grow nails fast and strong by filing from the outside edge of your nail, moving inwards. Keep the file moving in one direction for a smooth finish. Rounding the corner of your nails will help prevent breakage.


3.    Take a Biotin Supplement

Your diet can impact the health of your nails. Brittle nails are often a sign of biotin deficiency. You can take this vitamin B supplement or eat biotin-rich foods to help strengthen your nails. Research shows that taking a daily biotin supplement can improve the strength and thickness of your nails.

avoid acetone on nails

4.    Avoid Acetone-Based Polish Removers

While using a nail strengthening oil will help to grow your nails, you also need to know what products to avoid. Acetone-based nail polish remover is too strong to be used on brittle or damaged nails. It can cause your nails to start peeling or splitting. Swap out your nail polish remover for an oil-based formula to keep your nails healthy and hydrated.


5.    Stop Picking Your Nails

Picking off nail polish can damage the top layer of your nails. If you struggle with picking your nails, consider keeping them shortly trimmed and polish-free. Applying a nail growth and strength serum can stop you from picking or biting your nails, giving them a chance to recover.

nail biting is bad for nails

If you want to grow nails fast and strong, you need to incorporate a nail strengthening oil into your daily routine. Shop our range of all-natural organic cuticle oils to repair, protect, and strengthen your nails.  

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