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organic cuticle oil
nail growing serum
travel cuticle oil


Imagine a traveling nail spa that attaches to your purse, keychain, backpack, beltloop or almost anything.


Our 10ml roll on cuticle oil is perfect for on-the-go lifestyles and our travel charms make it fun. Traveling, shopping, or at work, give your nails the luxury they deserve with our mini cuticle oil.


Swap brushes for bliss with our effortless roller ball application and turn heads with gorgeous nails & a cute but elegant cuticle accessory.


Dive deep into nature's best with our Triple Organic Infusion of Coconut MCT, Jojoba oil, and Rosehip oil. Not just nourishment, it's a revitalizing elixir for nail growth and strength, with every roll brimming with non-greasy moisturizing organic goodness, even if you suffer from nail dryness. A great response for nail repair and damaged nails.

jojoba oil for nails
nail repair and hydration


Dreaming of nails that resist breakage and shine naturally? Then defend, nourish, and strengthen from root to tip with our fast nail growth and strength serum. With our blend, feed your nails the essential nutrients, ensuring they remain resilient, and robust which encourages radiant nail growth.

Don't Take Our Word For It...

Erin - Honey Jasmine

"Between the smell and the cute flowers floating in the solution it makes me feel pampered."

Chris Feldman - Unscented

"Roll on is easy to use leaving your fingers looking well cared for and it’s easy to take with you."

Natalie - Chamomile Neroli

"Love that I can have this in my purse and use it anytime. Also, i like that it keeps cuticles moisturized and looking pretty. No more dry cuticles"

K. Jones - Honey Jasmine

“I love the smell. I use it like a parfum too.”

H. Camper - Tropical Eucalyptus

“My friend loves this unscented cuticle oil. I sent a couple to her. She is more than pleased."

Real Amazon Testimonials

cuticle oil roller
nail strengthing oil

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nail growth and strength serum
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Woman with Blue Tshirt

Laura J. - Chamomile Neroli

Review Oct 19, 2023 

The oil glides on to my cuticles easily and blends in almost immediately. It’s amazing to me that an oil can be so light and so moisturizing at the same time.

French Manicure

AJ - Orange Lavender

Review Nov 25, 2023 hands dry out in the extreme due to increased washing/sanitizing, resulting in damage to my cuticles that is annoying at best and painful at worst. So far, I really like this oil for helping my fingers recover! 

Fashion Portrait

Khoa - Lilly of The Valley

Review Nov 3, 2023 

After several weeks of use, my nails and cuticles have notably improved.  It's like uncovering the secret behind that magical nail oil! 

cuticle oil roller
organic cuticle oil
natural nail oil
cuticle oil rollerball
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