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How to Repair Damaged Nails at Home in 4 Easy Steps

repair damaged nails

Almost everyone deals with damaged nails at some time in their life. As we get older, our nails naturally become weaker and more prone to breakage as the keratin bonds get damaged. Our daily habits don’t help either. Showering, washing your hands, cleaning, and swimming can all damage your nails. Even the environment can negatively impact your nails, whether it’s the cold of winter or the intense sunshine in summer.


While damaged nails can be the result of nutritional deficiency, it’s often due to a lack of care and hydration. The good news is that there are options for organic nail repair and natural nail treatments to help you repair damaged nails at home.


We’re busting the myths around damaged nails and the natural nail treatment you can use to strengthen and repair your nails.


Gel and Acrylic Nails

Does Gel or Acrylic Nails Cause Damage?


It’s a common misconception that gel and acrylics can damage your natural nails. Damage only occurs if the application or removal process is done incorrectly. There are steps you or your manicurist can take to protect your nails, such as using an organic cuticle oil.


Nail damage occurs as the result of over-filing with a hand or electric file, causing your natural nails to become weak. If your nails are already brittle or weak, they’re more likely to become damaged during the removal process.


If your nail tech uses acetone or an acetone-based remover, your natural nails will become dehydrated and start to weaken. It’s why professional manicurists will use jojoba cuticle oil to repair, strengthen, and protect your nails.


How to Repair Damaged Nails with Natural Treatments


If your nails are damaged from daily wear and tear or trauma, you can repair them and prevent further damage with natural nail treatment and organic nail repair products. We’re sharing four ways to strengthen and repair damaged nails.


1.     Keep Your Nails Short and Softly Filed

While long nails might look attractive, short nails are one of the biggest trends right now. They look clean and sophisticated, while also helping to strengthen your nails. Keep your nails softly filed to prevent breakage.


2.    Use Hydrating Products Everyday

repair and hydrate cuticles

Keep your nails hydrated by using moisturizing products, including hand cream, to prevent dryness and stop your nails from peeling. Use an oil-based nail polish remover to prevent your nails from becoming dehydrated, and avoid acetone-based products.


3.    Incorporate Organic Cuticle Oil into Your Routine

One of the best products for organic nail repair is cuticle oil. It deeply moisturizes your nails, nourishing dry cuticles and giving brittle nails the hydration they need. This natural nail treatment locks in moisture to keep your nails protected to prevent damage. 


Use cuticle oil as part of your nightly routine for organic nail repair, and before applying polish to strengthen your nails.


4.    Apply a Base Coat

Give your nails a helping hand by applying a base coat, either alone or under nail polish. This natural nail treatment will help prevent splitting, chipping, peeling, and breakage. 


Repair your damaged nails at home using our nourishing, all-natural cuticle oil. Shop our range of travel-friendly cuticle oils to keep your nails hydrated on the go.  

base coat to protect nails

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