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Aparascent, Our Roots Are Day Spa

Updated: May 19

Welcome to Aparascent and Our First Blog Post

Transitioning from day spa service owners to product builders

Vidura Spa Staff getting ready to services clients
Vidura Spa Staff

Greetings, we are David and Saffron. David is from San Antonio, TX and Saffron is from Thailand. We are a married couple who started in the day spa world and are now building a product line that focuses mainly on using natural or even organic ingredients whenever possible. How did this come to be? Years ago in our day spa, Vidura Spa, we realized that many of the products we were using on our valued clients had ingredients such as parabens and sulfates. We had some knowledge of these things but it wasn't until our 1 year old grandson, Raiden, was having issues with his skin did we finally spend the time to investigate. His doctor had told us his skin rashes were related to the products we were using. How could this be? We were using expensive large name brand products that we used in our day spa. These were suppose to be among the best lotions and skin care products in the world. After investigation we realized parabens, sulfates and the like were things you didn't really want on your body and we didn't want them for our clients and definitely not for people we loved and cared about personally.

The Aparascent journey begins...


It all begins with research and investigation. Aparascent was born from a desire to improve life for ourselves, our clients and loved ones. We've built great relationships with our suppliers, industry experts, fair trade non profits, and business contacts. Finding the right product base was not easy to say the least. Every company and person has a different way of looking at business and the world. Finding the right match was like finding your fiancé. The right values, the right financial situation, the correct geographic location and just the right mixture of chemistry you could say (pun intended).

Currently all of our products are produced state side in the USA. Many of the essential oils are collected from plants around the globe as no one country has a monopoly on all plants and trees needed for beauty and health care. However, all of our skin care products are created and manufactured right here in the USA, namely North Carolina and San Antonio. More than half of our product line is completely organic, 90% uses at least some organic components and almost all minus a few products are all natural. We look at the few items that are not completely natural as dessert. Should you eat cake and ice cream? Probably not but if it's only at a birthday party a few times a year we don't see a huge problem with that. Our ingredients list is easy to see and always available. We simply want you to be informed to make the right choices for you and your family.

In addition, we may not always have the only best product out there in certain categories. Our search began and it has not stopped. If we find other health, beauty, hygiene, home living or spa related products out there that we think are just as good to us then we will blog about them here. Just look at our reviews, top list, and education categories area to find out more info on these other products.

Proud to Support Ethical Organizations

We are proud to be working with organizations such as Palm Done Right. What is Palm Done Right? They are an ethical fair trade group that focuses on sustainable palm oil that is produced in a way that minimizes the environmental and social impacts of palm oil production. We personally know how important the forests of SE Asia are. We've personally seen the effects of unbalanced ecosystems throughout Thailand and SE Asia and it's a privilege & honor to work with partners who understand how to help and be responsible to the local environment.

Our Values are Truth, Honor, Love & Helping Others

It's not just a catch phrase, it is truly who we are. We will always try and be as upfront as possible. We are human but we hold the above closest to our hearts, otherwise why be alive, right? I was once told, "you either stand for something or you stand for nothing", and that actually sums it up pretty well. Truth, honor, love and helping others is what we strive for and I pray it also what you strive for. So when you see our handmade soaps stamped with these words, know that we are sending out a message of hope in humanity and above all God that these things will always remain.

We love you, we care about you, and we hope you enjoy your experience here. God Bless and Be Well!

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